ArtIST: Thomas Buildmore

By Julie Davis on Oct 14, 2010

Snooky 2010.jpg
Image Credit: Thomas Buildmore. All rights reserved.

A native of Boston, MA, Thomas Buildmore attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts where video, installation, painting, and film were his main studies. In 2007, Buildmore founded Overkill Studio in South Boston, where he also acted as the studio's Conceptual Art Director. And lucky for the Philadelphia art scene, Buildmore relocated to our fine city earlier this year. Upon his arrival, Buildmore was quick to partner with photographer Dan King and establish StupIDEAsy, a multi-function studio located in Old City. Featuring 2,700 square feet of creative space, the Third-and-Market studio provides plenty of room for Buildmore and his artist colleagues to tackle creative projects.

Buildmore is a co-curator of the Grew Up and Blew Up: Character Rehab exhibit at the Salt Art Gallery. An examination of fame, its pitfalls, and the public's insatiable appetite for celebrity, the exhibit will be hosted by Salt Art Gallery through October 22, 2010. Buildmore's portrait of pint-sized phenomenon Snooki (seen here) is the artist's response to the above theme and the dark underbelly of pop culture. Be sure to check out the exhibit; it might be the closest you'll ever get to Snooki before she retreats to the underworld from whence she came.

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